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David Rausch

7 get-to-know-you games for preschoolers

Last week I posted 9 get-to-know-you-games for elementary kids. But why should they have all of the relationship building fun?!? Here are 7 more ideas for preschoolers: 1. Toss Across Have the preschool children sit in a circle. Toss a stuffed animal to one of the children, then ask them to share their name and a favorite thing (food, animal, TV show, etc.) When finished, that child can toss the stuffed animal across to another child. Repeat until everyone has shared. To add an element of

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9 get-to-know-you games to build relationships in your KidMin

In my previous blog post titled "Here's Why Playtime Might be the Most Important Part of your KidMin," I said this: "Simply put, children learn from the people they love. And love is the result of getting to know one another—it's the result of relationship. Before our kids come to know Jesus, they just might need to know us first." It's true—education research has shown that when kids have a relational connection to their teachers and peers, they listen and learn better. So let me ask you a

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GO! ranked #1 in an independent curriculum review

I always believed we had something special with GO! Apparently I'm not the only one! Bellevue Baptist Church and the organizers of the Metro Children's Ministry Conference recently conducted a comprehensive review of 22 different KidMin curriculum options. The evaluation team was made up of 60 practitioners with many years of weekly classroom experience. According to the report, "They are quality educators, teachers, curriculum writers, trainers, and coaches." So what was the conclusion? GO!

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Here's why play time might be the most important part of your KidMin

For a video experience, click above. Prefer reading? Continue below. Let me ask you a question: What do you think is the most important thing that happens in your KidMin on a Sunday morning? Is it the worship time? Is it the gospel-centered teaching? Is it the study of God's Word? I think a case could be made for any of these things. Without a doubt, they're all at the core of what we do in KidMin. But I believe there's something even more foundational that has to happen in way of preparation.

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Your worst teacher is better than the best video. Here's why.

For a video experience, click above. Prefer reading? Continue below. I recently met two KidMin leaders from the same church who were telling me about their struggles with finding quality volunteer teachers. In way of illustration, they told me about one teacher in particular—the one who had caused them the most hair loss. "He's a little bit awkward," the one leader told me. She talked about his struggle to stay on topic, his quirky mannerisms, and his perpetual unpreparedness. "It's kind of

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