It's a Whatsit (Elem Start Date: August 7)

$ 99.00
It's a Whatsit (Elem Start Date: August 7)

It's a Whatsit (Elem Start Date: August 7)

$ 99.00

It’s a Whatsit! What’s a Whatsit? Whatever you want it to be! During the “It’s a Whatsit” series, a new “Whatsit” will be revealed each week. To the average person, the Whatsit might look like an everyday household item, but toss in a little bit of imagination and the Whatsit can become a sword, an apple, a giant man-eating sloth or just about anything you want it to be. Kids will be challenged to use the Whatsit in a dozen different and creative ways to make the earliest stories in the Bible come alive. 

*Recommended Use Dates: August 7 - September 4, 2022.

Unit Information:

Lesson 1

Deceived in the Garden

Key Verse: Romans 5:8


Big Idea: God’s love is greater than our sin

Bible Basis: Genesis 1-3

Lesson 2

God’s Covenant with Noah

Key Verse: Isaiah 40:8


Big Idea: God is a promise keeper, so we can trust that His promises will last forever.

Bible Basis: Genesis 7:1-9:17

Lesson 3

The Tower of Babel

Key Verse: Proverbs 19:21


Big Idea: God’s plans are unstoppable and I can trust that they are good for my life.

Bible Basis: Genesis 11:1-9

Lesson 4

God’s Covenant with Abraham

Key Verse: Hebrews 11:1


Big Idea:  God is real and His promises are true, so we can have faith in Him even though we can’t see Him.

Bible Basis: Gen. 12:1-9; 15; Hebrews 11:8-16

Lesson 5

Abram and Lot

Key Verse: Philippians 2:3


Big Idea: God desires that we humbly put others before ourselves.

Bible Basis: Genesis 13

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*Each GO! unit is part of a 12-month scope and sequence that takes kids on a chronological journey through the Bible. The scope and sequence is designed to follow the Christian calendar so that the Christmas lessons land on Christmas and the Easter lessons land on Easter. The “Recommended Use Dates” indicate where the unit falls within the one-year curriculum calendar. You are able to use the unit at any time of the year that works best for you, but by following the “Recommended Use Dates," you can easily transition into using the other GO! units to tell the remainder of the Big Bible Story. Click here to view the curriculum calendar.

*** There will be glimpses of God’s salvation plan throughout the year, but there will be four lessons where that plan is communicated clearly and kids will have an opportunity to respond. Those lessons are denoted with *** next to the lesson title.  

Lessons Include:

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