How far in advance will GO! lessons be available?

We know that some of you are finishing up your shopping for Christmas 2025. Others of you just finished Christmas shopping for 1993!

Regardless of how far ahead you plan your Sunday School lessons, we want to give you ample time to prepare. Although the lessons can be used at any time during the year, GO! works best when you follow the curriculum calendar. Each unit will be made available for download beginning 3 months in advance of its "use" date on the calendar. This will give you between 3-4 months to plan ahead.

Who is GO! NOT for?

What is your cancellation/return policy?

Can I begin using GO! in the middle of the year or should I wait until August when the "Big Bible Story" begins?

What is the "Blank Slide" in the Resource Folder for?

My dog ate my lesson. Can I download it again?