Battle Squids

$ 99.00
Battle Squids

Battle Squids

$ 99.00

The ocean—it’s the last truly wild and unexplored corner of the Earth!  Deep beneath the water’s surface, in the darkest depths of the sea, are the “Squidudes” and the “Squidettes”—two squads of squids battling to get their tentacles on the last few fish in the ocean.  In order to win the “Feast of Fish”, the two squads will have a fishy face-off filled with wisdom from the Book of Proverbs.  The ultimate denizen of the deep will be the squad that earns the most points by exhibiting team energy, team participation and team competition.  Be sure to get your sea legs under you—this will be a battle of Biblical proportions!   

Available for purchase until June 30, 2019

Unit Information:

Lesson 1

Book of Proverbs: Seeking Wisdom

Key Verse: Proverbs 16:16


Big Idea: God is the source of all understanding, so we can go to Him for wisdom.       

Bible Basis: Proverbs 4:1-7;     1 Kings 3

Lesson 2

Book of Proverbs: Wise Friendships

Key Verse: Proverbs 18:24


Big Idea: God desires that we have friends who stick with us and help us follow Him.

Bible Basis: Prov. 17:17; 1 Sam. 18:1-4; 20; 23:16-18

Lesson 3

Book of Proverbs: Using Words Wisely

Key Verse: Proverbs 15:1


Big Idea: God wants us to use our words for peace.

Bible Basis: Prov. 21:23; Judges 8:1-3; 12:1-4

Lesson 4

Book of Proverbs: Compassionate Wisdom

Key Verse: Proverbs 19:17


Big Idea: When we show compassion to the poor and suffering, we show compassion to Jesus. 

Bible Basis: Prov. 19:17; Matthew 25:31-46

*Recommended Use Dates: June 1 - June 30, 2019

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