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The team at GO! Curriculum has designed a 3-day VBS that is custom made for churches and families during the COVID19 shutdown. We have thought through every aspect of the VBS experience and made it so user friendly that any family can easily do it at home. With minimal preparation, easy-to-follow instructions, and a video that leads kids step-by-step through each day, BOLT VBS is the perfect quarantine-friendly solution for your church or family.  


What will the kids be learning each day?

Day 1: Parable of the Sower and the Seed​ (Luke 8:4-15)

  • Big Idea: I can listen to Jesus

  • Memory Verse: Psalm 119:105

Day 2: Jesus Walks on Water (Matthew 14:22-36)

  • Big Idea: I can focus on Jesus

  • Memory Verse: Proverbs 3:5

Day 3: Jesus Chooses His Disciples (Luke 5:1-11)

  • Big Idea: I can follow Jesus

  • Memory Verse: Romans 8:39

View the full Day 2 BOLT sample video:

 What is the theme? Can you tell me more about it?

During BOLT, kids will participate in wacky games that serve as a catalyst for deepening their understanding of what it means to listen to, focus on, and follow Jesus. Each game has been chosen using the following criteria:

  • Scalable for any size group from 2 to 2,000
  • Easy to explain and execute
  • Minimal materials
  • Age-appropriate for ages 5 to 85
  • Adaptable for different locations Safe for kids

What age range is BOLT designed for?

BOLT is designed for kids ages 5 through 85. It's something fun for everyone!

What elements will BOLT have?

​Just about everything that a traditional VBS would have, but customized to work easily at home. Some of the elements include:

  • Bible story: Video driven. See below for more details.
  • Games: 3 games for each day of the VBS.
  • Crafts: Origami! So much fun and all you need is paper.
  • Comic duo: David and Tim introduce select games and do origami play-by-play.
  • Teaching video: Ties together the Bible story, games, and craft in one powerful message.
  • MusicIt's going to be crazy good! See below for more details.
  • Missions component: Yes! Details coming soon. Or you can use your own.

    What is included with BOLT VBS?

    All of the included materials are digital and downloadable. Materials include:

    • Videos (All video segments for each day are combined into one easy to use video).

    • BOLT Graphics and logo

    • Promotional graphics

    • Origami instruction sheets

    • Directions, supplies, and scheduling document

    • Games instruction document

    • Coloring sheets

    • Bible verse cards

    • Social media posts

    • Parent email template​

    You'll never guess who is providing the music?

    We're so excited about the music we could almost burst! Ben Calhoun, the lead singer of Citizen Way, will be performing 3 of his hit songs just for BOLT VBS. It's as if Ben himself will be leading your kids in worship. The songs include:

    Can BOLT be adapted for use as a live online experience?

    Absolutely. We'll give you all of the videos and materials as well as the permission you'll need to create a live online experience. If you want each video broken into their individual segments, we'll provide that too. We'll even give you the video scripts in case you want to reproduce some of the video segments with your own teachers.

    How much does BOLT cost? Are there other costs? 

    $185 for a church license (permission for all families in a single church campus) or $25 for a single family license (permission for 1 family). Beyond that, there are no additional costs necessary. BOLT is designed to be resource-friendly and budget conscious. We have purposefully chosen games and crafts that utilize materials that most families already have or can easily and inexpensively obtain.

    How do you recommend using BOLT?

    You can use it any way you imagine, but we suggest that you schedule the VBS just like you normally would. Encourage all of your families to experience BOLT on the same 3 days. You could even do a Zoom party at the end of each day so that everyone can share their experiences together as a church.

    How many people do you need for BOLT to work?

    BOLT works whether you have 2 people or 2,000. If your area is still under a strict quarantine, a single family can perform BOLT by themselves with as few as one parent and one child. If parents feel comfortable gathering with more people, they can invite as many neighbors, friends, and family as they would like.

    Because of this, BOLT is the perfect outreach event! You can even encourage leaders who do not have children of their own to host BOLT VBS in their own neighborhood. 

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